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1. Have there ever been any accidents or injuries during Beer Goggle Football play?

No Beer Goggle Football related injuries have been reported. If you follow the safety instructions and briefing explained by our qualified staff members the sport is very safe. It goes without saying that having pre-existing injuries such as previous or recent surgeries may hinder your activity, but a person without pre-existing conditions can take part without any issues.

2. What type of sport clothing and footwear do I need to wear?

We recommmend sports clothing such as t-shirt and shorts with appropriate sports footwear such as trainers. Sporting pants such as joggers and tracksuit bottoms are also fine, basically anything that is comfortable and will not restrict your movement while playing.

3. Will images be taken of the event?

For an extra fee we can arrange photos to be taken of the event that you can take away with you so the experience will never be forgotten. On some occasions our photographer will be there without your request in order to take photos for our website to be continually updated, if he/she is there and you decide you wish to purchase the photos at that time as well we of course can arrange this for a nominal fee. We also have no objections if you have friends and family who may wish to take photos for you either.

4. Are there any height or weight restrictions?

No, not at all.

5. Are there any age restrictions?

Yes, 18 years and above.

6. Do you have insurance?

Yes, we have public liability insurance but remember Beer Goggle Football is a contact sport therefore if you are hurt from participating we are not liable. If you stay within the rules of the sport you will be safe and have a great time and the risk of injury will be minimal.

7. What facilities would you recommend we hire?

We recommend indoor sports halls or outdoor pitches with Omniturf (2nd, 3rd and 4th generation) as these facilities are always of great quality.

8. Where is your nearest venue?

Our nearest venue is the Walker Activity Dome, Wharrier Street, NE6 3BR but we travel all over the north east.

9. Can children play? Do you run children’s parties?

No, the game is only suitable for those aged 18 years and above.

10. When would a game get called off?

Weather - If you have chosen an outdoor venue and the weather prevents the games safety we may have to call off the game and unfortunately refunds will not be given, this is why we recommend indoor facilities are the best to avoid the dreaded north east weather.

Equipment Misuse - If the equipment is being misused and health safety rules are being broken due to this we may be forced to end the game early with refunds not being given, this is incase we feel injuries may occur to the participants or damage to the equipment. This will not occur if the equipment is used properly as advised by our staff, meaning the event will be a fun day for all and continue as normal.

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